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FAO and INETL, I.P. conducted a workshop training during 5 days (6th to 10th of November 2023) about Food Security and Prevalence of Undernourishment.

DILI, 6th of November 2023, FAO Representative to Timor-Leste, Ms. Paula Lopes da Cruz appeal to all participants to maintain full participation throughout the workshop in order to help improving capabilities in reporting the SDGs.

Ms. Paula also emphasized that the continued global discussion about SDGs will become a useful instrument to the United Nations and its state members, and Timor-Leste is one of the members who also put the effort in achieving the SDGs. Of 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 indicators, FAO is responsible to be a custodian for 21 indicators focusing on the aspect of food security and nutrition, agriculture and fishery. Up to this stage, Timor-Leste has processed several agricultural related indicators in the recent years through conducting a primary data collection (e.g., Small Agricultural Survey 2022) to compile SDGs 2.4.1 (proportion of agricultural land area with sustainable agricultural practices), 2.3.1 (labor productivity from small-scale food producers), and 2.3.2 (average income of small-scale food producers).

In the past two weeks, a validation workshop has been held and during the pandemic some online discussions on validation have also been held to oversee the progress of comping these indicators. For this reason, an invitation was sent out to stakeholders partaken in the SDGs reporting for Timor-Leste to participate in the workshop training conducted in the INETL central office by the two representatives from FAO Statistics Division, in Rome, Mr. Abdul Sattar and Ms. Vaishalli Bansal. The topic for the training was about prevalence of undernourishment (PoU) and Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES). The purpose of the training was to strengthen the National Statistics System (INETL and related stakeholders) in monitoring and reporting these two important indicators for Timor-Leste.

During the training was held, participants were able to interact with the experts and discussing about ways to collect and processed the relevant data for SDGs 2.1.1 (PoU) and 2.1.2. (FIES).

In this occasion, FAO Representative, also would like to thank INETL for its readiness to provide technical support throughout the entire workshop. In this workshop, participants were coming from different agencies, such as the line ministries, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of State Administration, Ministry of Health, the National Logistics Center (CLN), and UNDP. This workshop training took place at the INETL, I.P central office, at Caicoli, Dili.

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