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Department of Mapping Analysis

  1. Creates, maintain and update statistical databases using GIS.
  2. Operate Information systems to update maps as and when new data is received relative to new subdivisions, developments, capital improvement projects, zoning requirements, and other projects.
  3.  Coordinate with DN Methodology and data collection to conduct research (Recorder’s location, files, and database) of legal documents to ensure correct plotting of property descriptions;
  4.  Produce printed maps for office accessories and the general public showing map features, property boundaries, platted lots, recorded bearings and distances as applicable, parcel numbers, etc.;
  5. Produce maps as requested for from Line Ministries, Military, CSOs and Development Partners.
  6.  Provides technical and administrative assistance for the County GIS program;
  7.  Manages operation of GIS equipment, software, data, and products; Prepare GIS briefings for national, regional and international DGS meetings, conferences, workshops;

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