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Department of GIS Cartographic System

  1. Ensure Cartographic drafters use Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) systems to design maps.
  2. Draft and represent statistical information in compliance with International standard mapping methods.
  3. Conduct research in the field or use existing data from their sources to create maps.
  4. Ensure the integrity of the statistical information before representation in a mapped format.
  5. Analyse data collected by surveying teams and use GPS or GIS information to plan roads construction and other infrastructure projects plans.
  6. Update existing maps with new geological or political information and refine boundaries for cities, states or countries.
  7. Determine the format of maps based on the needs of a specific application.
  8. Identify characteristics to include in the map size, the details and how those details are represented and colored in the map. Coordinate the production standards after the map is created, including operating map reproduction or printing equipment.

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